The best way to learn about wine and food is to experience it through responsible consumption, and the goal of TASTERS GUILD is to provide every possible opportunity to encounter the best in wine and culinary delights! TASTERS GUILD is not just for the "connoisseur". It is intended to be a broad-based organization able to benefit all levels of consumers, from novice to professional, who have a genuine interest in learning more about the responsible use of wine and food. And we have fun doing it! At just $45 a year, a One Year Membership is a great way to start.
Membership Benefits

Tours & Cruises
Led by experts, each tour and cruise offers exciting adventure into the world of wine and food and is priced at a considerable advantage for members.

Tasting & Dinners
Members receive invitations to exclusive wine and food events, seminars, tastings led by experts in their field, and gourmet dinners illustrating the marriage of wines with food.

Discounts & Benefits
Exclusive member discounts on purchases and services throughout the national network of wine and specialty food stores, wineries, restaurants and hotels.

The Tasters Guild Journal
The official publication of TASTERS GUILD providing Guild news plus articles on wine, food, recipes, tasting notes,and travel. Membership also includes a FREE subscription to the national publication: QRW, The Wine Magazine.

National Network Directory
Listing all affiliates nationwide plus special discounts offered only to members, the directory provides instant access to TASTERS GUILD benefits at home, while traveling or to 'dial-a-gift' to someone in another city.

Guild Membership Card
Identifies you throughout our national network and with it you can obtain exclusive discounts, purchases and services.

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Contact Dottie Wayne at 410-480-2717 or email dottiew@tastersguildmd.org for more information about the Central Maryland chapter.

On-line registration is available through the Tasters Guild International web site at
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