The Tasters Guild — a nationwide society of food and wine enthusiasts

We share a common interest through a wide variety of educational and social activities. Our quest is to educate consumers and spread the word of responsible wine and food consumption — and we have fun doing it!
Established in 1987, TASTERS GUILD consists of over 40 active chapters throughout the country that bring together consumers, wine, food and the wine and food service industries. The local chapters provide activity and ongoing wine and food events for their members and guests. In support of these local Chapters, there is an extensive network of retail wine and specialty food shops, superior restaurants, top-rated hotels, premium wineries, knowledgeable wholesalers and top international importers to provide easy access to quality wines and food often with special discounts for members. A detailed listing of all the retail/trade affiliates, and local chapters is distributed to the entire membership by way of the Guild's Network Directory.

TASTERS GUILD conducts an Annual International Wine Judging in the spring when hundreds of newly released wines are judged by panels of experts. Toward the end of summer we also coordinate our Annual Convention & Consumer Wine Judging for members. The results of both events are reported in the Guild's official publication, the TASTERS GUILD JOURNAL, as well as other national periodicals.

TASTERS GUILD sponsors yearly travel excursions for its members to all corners of the wine world. Trips include annual Food and Wine Cruises, exclusive tours to the finest wineries and food capitals of Europe, Australia and, of course, the United States.

The best way to learn about wine and food is to experience it through responsible consumption, and the goal of TASTERS GUILD is to provide every possible opportunity to encounter the best in wine and culinary delights!

TASTERS GUILD is not just for the "connoisseur". It is intended to be a broad-based organization able to benefit all levels of consumers, from novice to professional, who have a genuine interest in learning more about the responsible use of wine and food.

Visit the national Tasters Guild web site at www.tastersguild.com.
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